Thrive: Money Summit



Monday 11 February - Wednesday 13 February 2019

3 Days. Dedicated to helping you create an extraordinary business capable of running without you.

Venue: Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, London


What is the Thrive: Money Summit

It's a fact. Millions of us are working harder then ever. For less money. And feeling less fulfilled.

And that's why we have created the Thrive: Money Summit event in London this February. 

If you're a Entrepreneur or Wantrepreneur (you currently work for someone and have ideas you’d like to make happen), who:

  • Feels as if you are doing everything in your business; or

  • Lacks belief and wants help to make it happen and to get resourceful; or 

  • Has a business in a saturated market,

Then Thrive: Money is YOUR event. Welcome home.


What to expect?

Actionable content

Thrive: Money is 3 full days of actionable, proven, strategic content from experts that have been in your shoes and have turned their lives and businesses into success stories.

There is no "conceptual thought" or "theoretical strategies" behind any of these sessions. Everything you hear at Thrive: Money are tested, proven tactics to create the business (and life that you want)

You'll walk out of the event on Day 3 with notebooks full of actionable growth strategies that you can apply immediately.

Who should come to this?

You will be in the right room if you can identify with any of these:

  • You feel you are doing everything on your own and you already know you need to get out of your own way yet you are struggling to build the right team;

  • You want to make things happen but don't know how or you’re not sure you can do it;

  • You are in a crowded market, struggling to get leads, competing on price;

  • If you’ve ever said, “is this all there is?” You quite simply want more from life, from business and you know there are more important things in life than just money.

Who is this not for?

If you tick any of these boxes, this event is not for you:

  • You are looking for a quick fix;

  • You prefer excuses over actions;

  • You’re not prepared to invest in yourself and your future;

  • You’re not prepared to put in the hard work to make things happen.

What we will cover

Over the 3 days you will discover and use the strategies, the tactics and ideas that took Caspar and Nichola Craven from one struggling business to building three separate successful businesses, one of which they sold for 7 figures as they sailed the Pacific Ocean.

Guest speakers

We have two incredible guest speakers who we know will blow your socks off with their ideas and actionable takeaways.

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 17.27.28.png

Jon Card is the co-founder of media advisory and training company Full Story Media which runs Coverage Class and the Chief Storytellers Programme. He's worked as a journalist for 15 years and writes about business for The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Times.

Jon will show you how to make your company (and you) famous.

The world of media and getting press coverage has fundamentally changed. Jon’s expertise is helping entrepreneurs use smart strategies that will get you coverage and make you famous.

Using his strategies and ideas we have in the last 6 months personally secured coverage in The Telegraph, BBC, local radio and the Good Schools Guide.

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 17.29.29.png

Chris Moss is the only person we know to be behind the creation of 3 separate Billion $ brands.

Chris has been behind the brand development of Virgin Atlantic, Orange and 118 118; three start up businesses, each now valued at over $1 billion.

With only a tiny marketing budget, relatively speaking, for an airline – Virgin had £1million to spend worldwide, when others were spending £100million – they were forced to think creatively. 

Hence sending their chairman out on a speedboat across the Atlantic, or sending him out in a UFO balloon (which resulted in scrambling the MOD’s airwaves with Chris nearly arrested).

His speciality is start-ups and brand creation and his disruptive approach fits perfectly with The Thrive: Money Summit. You will love hearing his stories, insights and wisdom from Orange, Virgin and 118 118. They are the stuff of legends, mixed with fun and a family first attitude

What you will not get

You won’t get sales pitches.

This is a pure solid 3 days of actionable content. We’ve been to more events than we care to remember where the ticket prices are subsidised by the sales of products at events.

That means the organisers are more worried about selling you stuff than delivering life changing content.

Our events are not cheap. But they are good. Very good. And we aim to deliver so that you rave to all your friends about it.


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What previous course attendees have to say


Day 1 - The “How To” Day

The full 3 day agenda

Venue: Institute of Directors, Pall Mall, London

Introduction to our 3 day Thrive: Money Summit

The “How To” Day is all about learning actionable things you can do to shape a fast growth business. It will be packed with examples, stories and specific strategies, which you can implement immediately in your business.

Session 1 - Ordinary to Extraordinary

Specific strategies and tactics for building an extraordinary business

We look at the 6 ways you can take your business from one that competes on price to one which stands out from the crowd, building on what you already have but looking at it with “fresh eyes”

Session 2 - Build an authority business

Specific strategies and tactics to build a business where you move from being a commodity business differentiated on price to one where your customers have a distinct preference if they can afford you.

This covers specific blueprints for Social Media, Newsletters and how you engage with your customers and prospects.

Session 3 - How to make your company famous

The world of media and getting press coverage has fundamentally changed.

We have an incredible session who someone who knows the media inside out. He regularly writes for leading media titles like The Telegraph and Guardian and many others.

His expertise is helping entrepreneurs use smart strategies that will get you coverage and make you famous.

Session 4 - Hot seat session

We will be asking those attending to apply for one of our hot seat sessions. We plan to go deep into the issues of the participant to really help them get unstuck ( bonus coaching but in a way that can help others in the room as well).

Session 5 - Productivity Tools

Productivity and 80/20 thinking introduced - how to avoid overwhelm and pick the one or two ideas that will really make a difference in your business.

Day 2 - The “Why” Day

Day Two - The “Why” Day (for you and those around you)

The “Why” Day is all about finding the driving forces behind you, your relationships, your family and your business. One of the biggest myths in life and business is that we are encouraged to know and follow our passions. This does NOT happen by accident. It happens deliberately, specifically and strategically. We will take you through the “Craven Technique” that will give you more insight than you’ve ever had into what really drives you and your teams.

We will wrap Day 2 up with an evening of fun and entertainment.

Session 1 - Crafting the story for your business

How to create a story for your business that will lead to a deeply engaged team. People only do things for their reasons. Not your reasons. This session goes deeps into the strategies to create purpose and engagement within your team.

Session 2 - How to get your family on board

There is nothing more powerful than having a supportive team with aligned goals and direction. We use the term family in its broadest sense (the people outside work that you are closest to) and show you powerful strategies and techniques to get everyone pointing in the same direction united by a common story and purpose.

Session 3 - Values (that we actually value)

Values are the fundamental building block of any team. In this session, we give you the exact blueprints to uncover your values, to get everyone aligned and techniques to make certain they stick. Once you have this blueprint, you can use this in any team be it family or business.

Session 4 - Hot seat session

Second hot seat session

Evening session - Interactive entertainment - (TBA)

Day 3 - The “Team” Day

Day 3 is all about bringing the WE together. It’s making it fun. It’s creating the engagement with the people who will make your goals happen. It’s all about integrating and pulling everything in Day 1 and Day 2 together.

Session 1 - Building and Shaping a team that can run the business without you

“How do we create a business that can run without us” was the best question we ever asked ourselves. In this session, we take you through the mistakes we made, what worked and now we interacted with the team that ran not just one, but 3 businesses without us.

Session 2 - The Brave You Formula

The Brave You formula is the strategy for achieving any big goal. It take you through the different steps and how you manage the influences and actions in your world to be most effective.

Session 3 - What it takes to go from start up to Billion $ Brand

The only person we know to have built 3 separate Billion pound businesses. The strategies, tactics, insights and fun you will get from this session alone are just awesome.

Session 4 - Hot seat session

Session 5 - Pulling it all together - how to make your plans come together

This session integrates all you’ve learnt over the 3 days so that you leave with clear direction and things being implemented in the most effective order.

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£1,995 + VAT

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